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Friday, December 7, 2012

Enjoy the story!

Let us sing together!

Assessment 1
B4 DL1 E1    Able to answer True or False questions.

Read the text. Answer the questions with "True" or "False".

        Yasmin likes collecting stamps. She has many colourful stamps. Yasmin keeps all her stamps in a red stamp album. She enjoy looking at her stamps.

1) Yasmin likes to collect cards.  .....................................(          )
2) Yasmin has many stamps.   .........................................(          )
3) She keeps her stamps in a red book. ............................(          )
4) She always counts her stamps. ....................................(          )

( Achieved / Not achieved )

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Language Arts


Here are some cute easy peasy Christmas bookmarks, 3 penguin ones & 3 snowmen ones, all decked up with bright colorful scarves.

A list of items you’ll need to make the bookmark:
1. Paper (of a preferably thicker stock)
2. Printer
3. Scissors
4. Box cutter (blade)

Here’s a pictorial tutorial I’ve whipped up:

Have your materials at the ready!

Select and separate the bookmark(s) you want.

Using your cutter/blade, start cutting along the grip area from dot to dot.
 (black dot to dot on penguin & grey dot to dot on snowmen)

This creates the flap for which the bookmark grips itself to pages.

Trim the excess white paper off & you’ve got your bookmark!

All completed Christmas Penguin & Snowmen bookmarks!

Please click THIS LINK HERE to download Penguin Snowmen Bookmarks Template!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

A good story is what early reading is all about

The Timid Man and the Gold Bar

He was doubt and thought, "In a forest like this, where can a gold bar come from? Maybe someone is setting a trap for me. I had better not take the gold bar.
1) greedy : wanting more money or other things (贪心)
2) timid : shy and nervous or not brave  (胆小)
3) astonishment : a feeling of great surprise  (惊愕)
4) doubt : feeling of being uncertain about something or not believing something(怀疑)
5) instant : a very short time(瞬间)
6) regret : to feel sorry for something you have done or not been able to do(后悔)
Moral Value 
You must act fast when an opportunity presents itself, otherwise other people will snatch the opportunity from you. 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Good morning, everybody.
I'm  Koo . I am from SJK(C) Sawit, Kulai who provides education for pupils. I teach children to read, write, do math, and much more. I try to make my lessons easy to understand so that children can enjoy them.
My hobbies are listening to music, watching films, eating and shopping.
Sharing keep us moving to reach them.
"The Hokey Pokey Song"
Let's sing and dance together!